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Daily Clipping Service


The Policy Service


Training Services

This is a subscription only service to Housing Authorities and their staff that provides information taken daily from Congress, the Federal Register, HUD, and other sources to save staff time from trying to hunt down current rules, notices and reminders as well as deadlines.  Click here for the subscription form and detailed description of the coverage of topics.

The Policy Service formally owned by Joe Schiff; provides master policies that are current as of the date of subscription.  The PHA must adapt the policy(ies) to fit their needs such as changing XYZ to the PHA name and providing other customization specific to that PHA.  In addition the subscription provides updates to policies as they become available based off of final rules or PIH notices. Click here for a list of the policies provided with the service.

Provides training on various rules and notices that goes into details about the rule or notice and provides handouts as well.  All Training at the present time is accomplished using WEBEX. Click here for current training sessions.


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